Online essays

Rebecca Million, English teacher, is working on publishing an academic journal online featuring student essays

By Elise Favis

English teacher Rebecca Million and a group of students are working on publishing an academic journal, where students can submit graded essays for public viewing online.

An editorial committee for the journal has been formed, consisting of approximately three students, but they are slowly growing in number. Two meetings have taken place so far, which discussed publicity, selection criteria, and other concerns.

Million and the committee will be encouraging English teachers to welcome the idea of the journal to their students who show potential in their writing. A poster campaign will soon be advertised around Dawson, as well as a Facebook page and a brief announcement on the MyDawson portal.

“I still haven’t even submitted my proposal to get the funding for the promotion,” Million said. “[The idea] is still kind of tentative. I think it will happen, but it’s in the early stages.”

Million was inspired to begin this project from one of her former students, who she helped one-on-one to improve essays with.

“In our conversations, he expressed the fact that he writes good essays and sometimes has these original ideas,” Million said. “But then after it’s marked, and given back to him, nothing happens to [the essays].”

“He said it would be nice to have some place to publish really good essays,” she continued. “I said that could be an academic journal, and they do have them at universities, and colleges in the states. It’s a fairly simple idea.”

The selected essays will be posted on a website specifically dedicated to the academic journal, which will be accessible through Dawson’s main site. All submitted essays must be 1,500 words, fully marked, and have a total minimum grade of 85%.

Million and the editorial committee hope to have enough essays submitted by the end of this term and have them published by the beginning of next semester.
“At the moment we are looking at publishing once each term, but we did talk about maybe trying to do it twice per term,” Million said.

Students who are interested can contact Rebecca Million at, or at her office, 3D.4.


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