By Maya Malkin

Name: Joe Munro
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Program: Rocket Science

Joe’s interests include: rugby, getting drunk, and being a (super fly boss) player with girls. He’s been on Dawson’s rugby team for three years and is currently a veteran who plays prop. Joe broke his nose playing rugby two weeks ago, “I tried to use my nose to break some dude’s forehead… but it didn’t work”. He goes out a lot and lives in the plateau with his cousin, Devon. (Mick Jagger’s brother is one of their family friends…!!!) His favourite animals are giraffes, and his favourite food is pizza. Joe will be moving to Whistler for two months after he’s finished Dawson to become a ski junkie. He is also a supermodel on the weekends. If you want to track down Joe before he leaves for B.C., you can find him at Bifteck on St. Laurent wearing a plaid shirt.

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