Knicks, knacks, and even snacks

Dawson students will be selling handmade gifts at this year’s craft fair

By Jennifer Hughes

The Craft Fair will be up and running from Nov. 23-24 in Conrods, giving students a chance to pick up some handmade gifts for the holidays before the Christmas rush.

Through these two days, Conrod’s will house the crafts of local vendors as well as students who are interested in selling their handmade works. Items being sold will include handmade soaps, silk flower arrangements, jewelry, hand-knitted accessories, coffee cozies, truffles, and biscotti.

“I think it’s a good opportunity to show students’ talents,” Rang Zhou, a first semester Nursing student said.

Students who create handmade crafts and wish to take part in the fair can sign up in Student Affairs until Nov. 10. They will be expected to pay a small rental fee for the table in Conrod’s but can keep all profits made from their crafts.

“The money they pay us for the rental goes to a charitable cause,” Michelle Lee, Recreation Technician, who is in charge of the fair this year, said. This year the money will go to the ALS Society of Quebec, which is a foundation that funds research towards the cure for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as the Lou Gehrig’s Disease, a fatal neuromuscular disease that can lead to paralysis of voluntary muscles.

The Craft Fair has been going on for about 30 years, Mary Di Liello from Student Affairs, explained. “Over the years it [the outcome] really has varied, but I recall having as many as 25-30 vendors,” Di Liello continued.

This year they expect to fill at least half of Conrod’s with booths, Lee said. Another craft fair will take place next spring around April.


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