fuck tha police pimpin’ the system

Dead Prez show at Foufs was off the heezy [fo’ sheezy]

By Jonathan Feist

Dead Prez, known for their revolutionary mentality and creative lyrics, performed for a full house at Foufounes Electrique last Thursday.

Though they mentioned it might be their last time across the Canadian border, Dead Prez didn’t hold back  and gave the crowd exactly what they wanted: a high class hip-hop performance.

Founding members Stic.Man and M-1 started strong with their track “Turn off the Radio” – and Montreal showed them nothing but love.  The same continued as they played “Hell Yeah,” followed by most of their tracks Let’s Get Free.

In fact, Dead Prez was celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Let’s Get Free, their debut album, which contained tracks such as “Hip-Hop,” “Mind Sex,” “They-School,” “Animal in Man,” and others.

In between tracks, they dropped their knowledge about the hip-hop game and blacks in America, though they didn’t go into much depth and just scratched the surface. There were a lot of acapella moments, demonstrating the importance and creativity of their lyrics.

Dead Prez conveyed an honest message about who they were, claiming “never to hate when they see another black man shining” referring mainly to the music business.  They also encouraged people to study about known historical characters such as Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X, and other black activists.

The place blew up when they played their most popular song, “Hip-Hop.”  After that, it slowed down a bit and they played songs off their new upcoming album, titled Information Age.  The album is due in 2012 and sounded like it would be more of Dead Prez’ typical rapid-fire lyrics and revolutionary message. It’s definitely an album to look out for in the future.

They got off the stage and took pictures with press and some of the fans, as the DJ spun some much enjoyed reggae to end the night.

Local acts Ceasrock, repping N.D.G, and Hindu Kush alongside Loe Pesci opened the show.

Hype show by a hype act. Hopefully we can catch these guys a few more times before the border closes its gates to these cats who encourage us to pimp the system!

Real talk!


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