Eyes on the DSU

The DSU  discussed Youth Action in Montreal among other topics

By Elise Favis

The Dawson Student Union (DSU) held their weekly meeting on Monday, which included a debate discussing Youth Action Montreal, and brief discussions of the Food Drive and other topics.

The meeting began with a brief acknowledgement of last week’s General Assembly, which was a major turn out, with an attendance of over 100 students.
“Our general assembly was successful, we had enough members to reach quorum, and everything passed with flying colours,” Chairperson Ariel Charney said.

The Washington trip, which occurred last week, was briefly mentioned by Executive Matthieu Perron, “[It] went really well. Around 30 people were present. If the DSU decides to organize more weekend trips abroad, it is something that is definitely possible.”

What seemed to attract the most attention was discussion of the event Youth Action Montreal, an inter-university and college conference concerning environment and youth involvement through community. The event itself will not happen until March or April next semester. The DSU debated the minimum of number of tickets to sell, and where the financial budget would be attained from.

“The event will showcase top speakers such as David Suzuki, and will also showcase projects by students themselves,” Charney said.

There are six confirmed speakers, though only three will attend Dawson’s event. Perron explained, “[Youth Action Montreal] has not confirmed who their keynote speakers are yet.”

The tickets must be purchased in advance by the DSU; otherwise they will be given to other colleges and universities who have also requested.

“I think that it’s irresponsible to be buying any tickets until we know who’s going to be speaking,” Matthew Mancini, Director of Communications and Media, said.
“It’s a lot of money to spend when we have so many other campaigns going on,” he added.

Charney argued that, “to not contribute to this amazing event, which will showcase the top leaders in our society, would be a great disadvantage to the educational experience that we could provide to our students.”

After the long, heated debate, the DSU concluded that funding would be determined once more information was given about the event, and that they would purchase a minimum of 100 tickets.

The next topic on the agenda was the food drive.

“I think it’s a really good idea to give back to the communities and will also get the clubs interacting with each other,” Amanda Arella, Deputy Chairperson, said.
The meeting concluded with mention of the FEUQ (Rendez-vous de l’Éducation), and a possible Bone Marrow Campaign Drive later this semester.


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