Dissapointment at Rocky Horror

Less than stellar performaces from the cast and crew

By Gabe Gilker

A crowd of costumed misfits huddled together for warmth in front of the Rialto Theatre on Parc Avenue, the majority of them donning fishnets, six inch heels and wigs, anxiously awaiting their yearly fix of the live Rocky Horror Picture Show on Sunday.

To the crowds woe, the show wasn’t as entertaining as it has been in previous years. The first let down of the night was that Plastik Patrick, the habitual MC of the infamous Rocky Horror Picture Show, couldn’t show up due to “an unfortunate and unforeseen incident,” announced his replacement, a chubby man in a pink bunny suit. He was still greeted warmly, but he wasn’t near as foul-mouthed or as witty as Plastik Patrick.

The official series of events before the film were held, such as a re-enactment of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video, a costume contest and some time fillers such as sing-alongs to old pop music.

Finally, they made all the Rocky “virgins,” people who have never been to the live show or seen the film, stand up, which was an unexpectedly numerous amount of people and they all got the usual “Fuck you!” screamed at them by the on-stage cast.

The show started close to 12:45 a.m. with a confusing and uninteresting cast. Even though the live show is pretty generic, repeating the same jokes every year and over sex-ing the movie, this year they couldn’t make it seem original, whereas in the past, they succeeded at doing so.

“The cast they chose could have been better,” ranted an anonymous transvestite. “But there were some actors who didn’t show up, so I get why they were so frustrated.”

A definite highlight to the night was the “Time Warp.” With much ado, the audience jumped to the left, stepped to the right, put their hands on their hips, pulled their knees in tight and then proceeded to thrust their hips in rhythm to the most famous song in the movie. This was the peak of everyone’s enthusiasm.
Soon after, the show squared down, to the point where one avid Rocky fan sitting a few chairs down in my row fell into asleep after the musical act.

The crowd was enthusiastic and gracious. The veterans of Rocky Horror brought their toast, rice, toilet paper, water guns and newspapers to provide the live show that extra spunk and flair that it’s known for.

Upon leaving the theatre at 3:00 a.m., the people’s mood outside was mixed with confusion; they were happy to have been part of the show, but they all felt as though the show was missing that special feeling that usually comes after being part of such an old Halloween pop culture tradition.

The first Hollywood “midnight-movie” that gained any kind of attention and that has had a strong cult following since its release back in 1975 may now have started to lose its original focus. Formerly being a strong symbol for the transgendered, homosexual and sexually expressive, Rocky Horror appears to have digressed into a cheap way to dress in minimal clothing and look cool, being able to say: “Yeah, I went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

“Although I’m used to a little more old school kind of Rocky Horror, it still was Rocky. It was fun to see everyones crazy kooky side, but you know, I miss the way it used to be,” Jolly Julie, a Rocky Horror buff, said. “There were a lot of mindless modern jokes thrown in that kind of ruined the older and more classic jokes of Rocky.”


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