By Alex Giubelli

I’ll be true to all of my dear readers; this is how I found my idea for this editorial. I was sitting with my friend in the Eaton Center, me trying desperately to find an idea for this article, and her trying to help me find an idea. After saying the most ridiculous things, she looked at me exasperated and said we had too many subjects to choose from. And this is where the light over my head flicked on.

So I’m here writing to you about choices. Not good or bad choices, but that we have too many choices today. It’s unbelievable! Now I even have to choose from seven different kinds of bread at Subway, what happen to the old white or brown bread?

I’m tired of making choices. In everything we have to make decisions. Go to the nearest Jean Coutu, walk towards the shampoo section and look at the wall. It takes the whole freaking wall! Not for men though, you can be found at the bottom of a single shelf, with two choices, Irish Spring and Ivory.

But for us women, we just have too many damn choices! And when you finally decide on one after spending 15 minutes staring at them and reading every single description, you walk towards the cash register, already having regrets. Should I try something else? Is this really the best shampoo for my type of hair? But the other one smelt better…Fuck I can’t decide anymore…

Also, in the morning, what should I wear? Leggings, skirts, short or long sleeves… Which flavour of ice cream should I get? How should I do my hair? Should I leave my hair straight or curly, loose or with a poney tail? Pen or pencil? Black coffee, latte, moka, cappucino, Choosing between Coke or Pepsi, Seven up or Sprite. Sleeping on my back, my stomach, left or right? I bet you’ve never acknowledged the fact that there are so many choices in everyday life.

I have the feeling that the more I have choices, the more I can’t decide. Sometimes, I wish that there was someone choosing for me. But there again, I might regret that to…

I’m what you call a maximizer. Never satisfied with their choices, because no matter what, we find a reason why our choice was wrong.

That’s why I hate making decisions. You always have to try and please everyone. Then you end up in this “oh so famous” conversation you probably have once in a while with your friends and family:
“You choose.”
”No you.”
”No, it’s your house, you decide.”
”But you’re the guest so you choose what we’re watching.”

So annoying! Those conversations usually make me angry, and I’m the one who finally puts an end to this by deciding. Even if I hate it, because no matter what, there will always be someone who doesn’t like it.

Choices are hard to make nowadays, because everything has so many possibilities. The worst part is that there’s no magic formula to solve them and nobody can tell you what to choose. I’m just going to give you some advice, it’s your choice to choose to listen to it or not.


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