The Tigerbot Showed Eagle Vomit how to play Dominoes – and it Sounds Alright

Dawson bands unite at Piranha Bar to perform a diversified selection of music

By Gabe Gilker

Last Thursday, the top floor of Piranha Bar, packed with an eclectic group of bands, was thrown into a musical mash-up, where locals like The Tigerbot Show, Domino, Sounds Alright and even Eagle Vomit covered genres such as punk, folk and ska.

Playing their first show together, The Tigerbot Show started off the night as if they were old pros. The young and talented Mat Sanza ripped away at the bass as the drummer, Phil Tomilson, provided the band with a solid and flawless backbone.

“My brain is exploding with sweat cells,” Ben Harper said as he wooed the crowd with his voice and guitar, but what sealed the deal on this trio was the lead singer Luna Malka. She not only teased the audience with her strong lyrics, but also managed to steal the crowd’s heart and nonchalantly toyed with their emotions as everyone fell into a trance caused by her unique voice. The band played a variety of styles from some heavier and fast-paced rock, to soft folk and even a pirate-sounding waltz that had the whole crowd dancing.

After seven years of playing together, but only three years of being an actual band, it was Domino’s turn to bring the punk, turning the floor into a mosh pit. With their interesting mix of punk, ska and reggae, they brought a completely different sound to the show.

“Babylon will eventually fall. So have a Plan B,” said Derek Tyrrell, the lead guitarist of Domino.

Drawing their inspiration from The Clash, D.I.Y attitude and punk in general, the band thrashed their way through their 45-minute set. The energy that powered through Bobby Gibsons’ voice, with Andrew Hobson on drums and Thomas Kaloxios on the bass, charged the crowd as their bodies all collided like atoms in a particle accelerator.

This local band from the West Island effectively showed the most skill and precision when it came to their music. With an amazing stage presence and a certain air of professionalism, the band kept the crowd engaged and entertained without skipping a beat. As their set came to a close, they left the audience wanting more of their sweet sound.

“We write songs for the things we’re passionate about like political issues and drinking. [Laughter] But when it’s time to get serious, we get serious,” said Gibson.

The crowd’s need for more music was quenched as Sounds Alright jumped right on board, sounding more than simply alright. This four piece ska-punk band made up of Clark Brewerton and Adrian Boyle, alongside Alex Kotsoros and Zach Rodgers, had the crowd all dancing and skanking to their music.

This band, by far, had the best sense of humour as Rodgers secretly professed his love for Ke$ha: “She’s hot, she looks like Mic Jagger.” But there’s more to this band than humour. Kotsoros would drive his bass beats into our veins and get the crowd hooked; the way Brewerton and Rodgers mix their guitars together provides that ska sound while Boyle kills the drums, in a good way.

Oddly enough, Eagle Vomit hijacked the show. El Capitaine Vomit* jumped onstage and took over the microphone, then took the bass from Kotsoros. K-Vomit* then proceeded to rip off his shirt and serenaded the crowd with the unique sound that only Eagle Vomit could produce, that is, a mix between an angry animal and a machine gun.

Sounds Alright seemed alright with it, and the crowd was happy to see K-Vomit run through the crowd topless.

“Well, that was random, but fun,” Niki Bohbot, a first semester Health Science student said.

To find out more about upcoming shows and events you can find these bands on Facebook, MySpace, or in person around Dawson.
*Artist did not want to reveal real names, these are their show names.


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