By Dahlia Belinsky

Chen Wei-yih a woman from Taipei is getting married to herself. She will be going on a honeymoon by herself to Australia. Wei-yih said that if she had a boyfriend she wouldn’t do this. The wedding cost $5,675 and she invited 30 friends. Wait, this woman has friends? I thought she would just be inviting cats.


Obama is expected to be a guest on the Discovery Channel hit series, Mythbusters. His appearance is meant to encourage students to study math and sciences as experts say it’s of low interest to the average student. I wonder what myth they’ll bust with Obama. Could it be if the President of the United States really has time for this?


An 11-year-old child in North Carolina reported his parents to the police for possessing marijuana. The child brought it the police saying it “belong to mom and dad.” Soon after, the parents were arrested. The child was told about marijuana when the police came to their school for an anti-drug lecture. This kid should know that the day his parents catch him with weed when he’s a teenager, he’s going to jail.


Pope Benedict is urging Israel and Palestine to find a solution to finally have peace in the Middle East. The Pope spoke at the Vatican during a two-week meeting of Catholic bishops from around the world. That’s what they need, another religion’s point of view.


Apple announced that the App store, which was only available for the iPhone and iPad, would now be available to laptops. This is just one of the added features to the new MacBook Air which is almost 3mm at it’s thinnest point. Why do they even bother making iPads?

Jose Ojeda, one of the miners trapped in the mine in Chile, now has copyright to a note he wrote while in the mine. 17 days after the mine collapsed the message, “we are okay in the refuge, the 33 of us” was found attached to a probe. The message has apparently brought hope to the nation. It was seen on t-shirts, flags, and mugs during the rescue. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing a message of hope turn into a source of profit.


Mel Gibson will no longer be appearing in The Hangover sequel after objections from the cast and crew said direction Todd Phillips. The decision was made after a recording of Gibson making threats to his ex-girlfriend was released. Phillips has not given a name on who was opposed to Gibson being in the film. However it could be because Justin Bartha who plays Doug is Jewish.


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