By Maya Malkin

Name: Alec Henderson
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Interested in: Men
Program: Commerce

Alec’s interests include: electronic music shows, partying, and hanging out with friends in NDG. He’s currently in commerce because one day he wants to make a lot of money. His plan: to work his way up in an already successful business and hopefully become wealthy. Alec has been working at American Apparel for 2 months. “It’s a decent job, but what makes it sick is the people. They’re all really fun to work with.” He listens to dubstep, electronic, and anything with a heavy bass. His favorite foods are sushi and pizza, and his favorite animals are dogs and leopards. If any young boys or girls want to stalk Alec you can find him at the AA on St. Catherine, or at the Belmont for shows.

Want to be Man of the Week or know someone you think should be? E-mail me with your/his name and a photo at

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