Dawson’s Finest

By Maya Malkin

What happened to being a gentleman? What happened to men rushing to open doors for “thy fair maiden?” Now we get shoved aside, cut off, and called bro instead of my lady. If we could go back in time for a day I wonder how Dawson boys would treat us… and I wonder if the ginos would call each other brotherin.

For some reason I picture all the ginos in fancy suits with English accents, and the guy with the slicked back hair would be their leader, giving girls tokens of his gratitude, pulling our chairs out for us, bowing to us when we greet. This is just getting better in my head. Someone build me a time machine! Please?

I spoke to my good friend Gabe Gilker today, and I asked her if she had anything to complain about regarding Dawson boys and she brought up a good point, “Why do they all dress like girls? I don’t know who’s gay and who’s just fashionable.” This is very true. It is becoming increasingly harder to tell a guy’s sexuality these days.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just makes it harder on a girl to be able to decide if she should make a move or not. I’m not sure if it’s because straight guys are becoming more comfortable wearing more flamboyant clothing or if gay guys are just becoming way more common and don’t stand out as “obviously gay” anymore. I think probably a mix of both.

P.S. Still waiting on that response… (you know who you are)…

Have something to say about Dawson boys? E-mail me what you think at maya.malkin@hotmail.com and I may quote you/comment on the subject.


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