Cosmo columnist’s final book

A good sexy and witty read, courtesy of Chelsea Handler

By Bianca Brais

Chelsea Handler, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea and My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands released her third and final book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang on March 9.

The hilarious book is filled with several tales and personal experiences. Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang varies from growing-up stories of discovering “The Feeling” at a sleepover, getting screwed by her parents on several occasions during her Cabbage Patch craze, as well as adult anecdotes about her bumpy love life and career. “Just keep rubbing the outside of your pants so that they rub against it. If you keep doing it, you’ll get the feeling.”

Handler never lets the reader off the hook, every page is filled with wit, humour and loads of entertainment. Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang is not your typical book with a beginning, middle and an end. It is rather a collection of essays, many stories compiled into one great book. It was funny to hear about her crazy beach stories, but hearing how she managed to trick her boyfriend over and over was even funnier. She made him believe that he killed a dog, and made fun of him throughout the book,­­ because he took the day off work when Michael Jackson died.

The whole book feels like a stand-up comedy routine. Handler is a schemer; she is sarcastic and loves nothing more than pulling practical jokes on people.  With stories about her transgendered friends or her plotting to get her father committed, she manages to put a spin on every sentence to grab the reader.

“Every time a new trend came along, I died a little inside… I was not cutting the mustard. I was not even cutting the mayonnaise. I knew my parents would never fall for what was “hot” on the market.”

The bar was already set high with her two previous books. Fans will definitely not be disappointed; her third book is as funny and relatable.  After reading Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, everyone will know that Chelsea Handler is obsessed with Lean Pockets and that she has trouble making her remote control work.

All three of Handlers’ books were #1 bestsellers. She is currently a columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine, Chelsea Lets Lose and has her own late-night talk show, Chelsea Lately.

Anyone who hasn’t heard of Chelsea should definitely order copies of her books on Amazon. If you are looking for a simple, snarky and funny novel, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang would be the smart way to go. In a recent announcement, Handler explained that this would be her last novel. Take this opportunity to read it before you miss out on something so hilarious and great.

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