All punked up

It’s Hennessey, Farler’s Fury, Drunken Dru and Drunken Dogs’ turn

By Brian Lapuz

As soon as I arrived, a bunch of hardcore punks were smoking in the alley next to Café Chaos.

Immediately, I felt out of place. I played it cool, but I haven’t been around punks since that Chix N’ Dix show at Crobar this summer.

I got there early and spoke to Bobette, from Bobette Productions. She had blue hair and cute tiny pigtails. Herself and Maniks make it their goal to promote “unknown” bands. They give groups 50 tickets to sell and a free venue.
In Bobette’s words “C’est pour la relève musical,” that is, the musical revolution… It rings a bell.

This night was Maniks Mondays.
Three dollars cover.
Oct 25.

Hennessey had just gotten on board with Farler’s Fury for their Quebec leg of the tour.

Their punk is standard, not that they are any less of a band. They played a solid show. Jory, the drummer, explained how difficult it was for them to get together to play; their vocalist Jean doesn’t get days off from work often enough.

Farler’s Fury started out West, and in some places in Quebec, before coming to town.

Folky. Josh’s bagpipes are a compliment. Throw in some bagpipe solos. The band was exhuberant. They had just released an album on the first of the month. It’s called Purgatory, Quebec.

The crowd reminded me of the reason for punk being a lifestyle of nonconformity.

The sight of them was like a subconscious flick, hinting at my cowardice and reluctance to stray from the stream.

Maniks urged me not to put a label on it.

However, there was that one guy who was clearly out of it. He was skanking alone for a good hour before the crowd was warned up. He left his pint in the washroom. Shortly after that, he yelled, “Where the fuck is my beer?”

Though, he was nowhere near as punk-looking as the guy with the skull face tattoo, checking for tickets and stamps at the door.

The lineup played on the top floor of the bar. It was near full capacity when Drunken Dru went on.

Andrew Donovan, or Dru, played the mandolin for the first half of their set. The correct melodies gave their punk a celtic flair.

Joel Bergman, their new guitarist, hasn’t played live in five years. Enjoying a history of metal, Bergman didn’t shy from bringing out his style, most apparent in the bridge of the song “Bloods On You.”

The six-piece band Drunken Dogs brought festive and celtic end to the night. Some of them were seemingly drunk on stage.

Osrich Gurcoven, lead vocals, flutist, guitarist and whistler, was like a druid with a kilt.

The a capella moment with the audience explained why they headlined. “Drink to our health,” sang a chorus.

Drinking was the theme of that Monday night. Surprise or no surprise?

Decide for yourself. Maniks Mondays are at Café Chaos, 2031 Saint-Denis.

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