Preparing for Provincials

Dawson gears up for league semi-finals with a dominant win over the Cavaliers

By Dahlia Belinsky

Dawson goes into provincials on a high note, defeating Champlain last Sunday 4 – 0 at Parc Seaway for their third consecutive win.

“This was a low intensity game given that both teams [are assured] a place in the semi finals,” Coach Vinnie Cresenzi said. “We had a point to make and we made it. To beat the [one team] that beat us. We really flexed our muscles.”

Dawson dominated throughout the whole game, taking advantage of every scoring opportunity. Within the first 15 minutes of the game Dawson’s Danilo Pessoa was able to exploit Champlain’s weak defense and scored the first goal of the match.

The Blues consistently kept the ball on the Cavaliers’ side never allowing them possession. In the 25th minute Eduardo Mazzona took a shot on net, but the ball was saved by the Cavalier goalie. However, Mazzona remained focused and scored on the rebound making the score 2-0.

While the game was described as low intensity, the Blues defense wasn’t allowing Champlain to get many shots on goal. With every free kick the Cavaliers’ were given the Blues defence immediately cleared the ball.

When the Cavaliers did get close to the net, Blues’ goalie, Adriano Falbo, made multiple impressive saves that allowed him to record a clean sheet.

The Blues were given two very close scoring opportunities when Gregory Holland broke away, but shot the ball over the net. Mazzona went for another goal, but took to long to shoot and missed the target wide.

The pace didn’t change for either team when the second half started. Dawson continued to keep possession of the ball as the Cavaliers grew more aggressive.
The Cavaliers’ frustrations on defense came to the surface as Champlain was given countless fouls for tripping and tugging at Dawson jerseys, which resulted in a number of free kicks for The Blues while the Cavaliers narrowly escaped several bookings

After continuous back and forth, Pessoa gained possession of the ball shot it straight across a crowd of Champlain defence into the net. This was the second goal for Pessoa and the third goal for Dawson.

Five minutes later Felipe Costa de Souza scored making the score 4 – 0 and virtually out of reach for Champlain.
“This game won’t change anything in the standings,” Karina Sisti captain of the Dawson Women’s AAA team said. “[But] it’s good practice for when these two face each other in the semi finals.”

Dawson will be playing starting the provincial round this weekend and “after our last three games undefeated we’re at max confidence,” Cresenzi said.

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