Player Profile: Kurt Caro

The Plant goes in depth with Dawson AAA Men’s Basketball Point Guard

By Gabe Gilker

Meet Kurt Caro, point guard for Dawsons’ Blues Mens AAA Basketball team. Being a veteran for the Blues, playing for Dawson Community Blues since he was 12, and Mens AAA for his second semester in a row you can’t deny that this talented young man knows what he’s doing.

Caros’ history with basketball goes back even further than Dawson though. At eight years old he joined an all Filipino team called “Kidz Club,” formerly known as “Jakidz,” which started him off and taught him a lot of the things that make him an All Star today. In high school he also played for the F.A.C.E. Jazz.

“My favourite player is John Stockton, he plays for Utah Jazz and is #12, and he’s also the all time assist leader. That’s why I chose #12 as my number.”

Being a point guard on the starting five, Caro is in charge of driving the ball up the court, distributing the ball to the other players and acts as a secondary coach on the floor. Even though Caro makes basketball look effortless and simple he has put a lot of hard work and dedication into this sport.

“I train five to six times a week, every day after school, sometimes weekends and sometimes we have a game,” Caro said. “It’s a more than just a game, it’s a lifestyle, and everything revolves around basketball like school, nutrition, time and friends.”

Kurts’ brother, Chris Caro, another basketball fanatic nicknamed him “Kurtesy” mostly because of his remarkable ability to assist his teammates and showing courtesy on the court.

“I like to assist more than make baskets,” Caro said. “I like to set up other players in a scoring position. It’s more satisfying. I love sending my teammates alley-oups”

Caro dedicates his love for passing and assisting to his father, him and his family used to play two on two and he would watch his father pull off these amazing “no-look” passes which always caught him off guard, so he started practicing it in games and eventually perfected the technique.

“My best moment on the court was my first dunk ever in a game. I was playing a game for the Filipino league, it was the playoffs and our team was up 5 – 10 points. I was getting defensive on the opposite teams point guard, he turned over the ball to center court, so I stole it, and as I was driving down the lane, I had one defender in front of me. I just remember thinking ‘this is the one guy to beat.’

And I just blew past him, I turned around to see if he was running after me and he had stopped. I decided I was going to dunk it. I took off and threw it down with one hand, to my surprise. The crowd was crazy, it was awesome, I felt great.”

Dawson is pretty lucky to have Caro on our AAA team, he was scouted and almost signed by both Vanier College and John Abbott, luckily for us the coach for Vanier screwed up and John Abbott called the day after he signed up with Dawson.


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