Hooray, it’s Purple Day

Purple Day honors those who’ve fallen victim to bullying

By Tyler Finigan

Last Wednesday, Dawson went purple in remembrance of the students who’ve taken their own lives in the last few weeks and months due to excessive bullying.

Clubs like Etcetera tabled around school selling things like bracelets and t-shirts for the occasion, raising awareness and interest for the fight against bullying.

Balloons attached to sandbags reading, “This is a safe place” were passed around the school.  Students were allowed to bring the balloons wherever they went. They laid them down in classrooms, in cafeterias and along the hallways.  “We just want people to see our ‘beacons of safety’ and be re-assured that you don’t have to be ashamed of who you are.”

Known as “Spirit Day,” named after the significance of the colour purple in the LGBTQ (Lesbian,Gay,Bi,Transexual) flag, It was encouraged all over North America. A Facebook event was set up to inform the masses to wear purple for the day. Over 54,00 people clicked attending to the event.

The event was set up in memory of 12 people who were discriminated against because of their sexual orientation, which eventually led to their untimely deaths. The site reads “Please wear purple on October 20. Tell your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and schools. Spread The Message.

It is important that all this hate be stopped.”  “My hope for it [Spirit Day] is so that people can stop and think about it [bullying] rather than seeing it on the news and being passive about it.” said Matthew Mancini, Director of Communications and Media. “This way, just participating, they can do something about it.”


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