Aid the sick

Dawson recruits students to join the First Aid Response team

By Dahlia Belinsky

Want to learn how to save lives and put it to use? The Dawson Emergency First Response Team is always recruiting.

The Dawson Emergency First Response Team is there for students with emergencies, whether they are big or small.

“You get certified and it’s good experience,” Heidi Choi,a third semester, Health Sciences student said.

There are always people in the office in case of, “random [injuries that] happen every day. [Things like] cuts, bruises, sprained and twisted ankles,” Felipe Mena, a third semester First Choice student explained.

“We had friends already on the team, so they encouraged us [to join], “Teodora Pecingina, third semester, Health Sciences student said.”It looks good on your CV too.”

The team is used to receiving small injuries, “[but] really serious events happen every two weeks on average,” Mena said.

According the team, a serious case would be calling 911 or bringing the patient to the clinic.

The last serious emergency happened three weeks ago when someone came in complaining about stomach pains and difficulty breathing. They began to throw up as they tried to find a comfortable position.

“All we could do was coach her breathing and comfort her. The pulse was normal, but she [described her pain] as a 10 out of 10,” Saleh Ali, third semester Health Sciences student said.

The team was there to comfort her, call 911, and give her a bed to hopefully find a comfortable position in.

For new recruitments, they have to wait for the next available course time, which is not yet available. However, even if students have not yet done their training, “you can still join, but someone has to be with you at all times,” Pecingina said.
“They give you the [first aid] courses at school, it costs $45,” Choi said. “The courses are, “usually all weekend, but sometimes they are spread throughout the week at night.”

The Dawson Emergency First Response Team was formed 30 years ago. Michelle Lee of student affairs is the current organizer.

Students who are interested in joining the damson emergency first response team can sign up through Student Affairs in 2E.6


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