Both Dawson’s AAA Soccer teams defeat F-X Garneau to take a hold of first place in the league

by Alex Giubelli and Jonthan Feist

Dawson Women’s AAA Soccer team took first place in the standing last Sunday after defeating Francois-Xavier Garneau 2-1 at Soccerplexe Catalogna.

After winning their last game due to Edouard-Montpetit’s forfeit, Dawson was ready to take on the first place team.

The Élans didn’t take long to show why they were first seed, as in the first minutes they hit the post and were putting a lot of pressure on the Lady Blues players.

“I think it was overall one of our best performances of the year,” head coach Alex Salvoni said. ” We had a little bit of difficulties at the beginning, but as the game settled down, we did well.”

Difficulties were certain, as most of the first half was played in the Dawson zone. Francois-Xavier had some good chances, but goaltender Alexandra Le Breton-Lato made some great saves to keep the game even.

The Élans possessed the ball most of the time, making the Lady Blues run around without really applying any pressure on the ball carrier.

Forward Alexandria Hoyte had a good chance, but just couldn’t complete her play as Dawson was sent back in their zone once again.

The first half finished 0-0, as Le Breton-Lato frustrated the Élans’ players who had many opportunities to take the lead.

A completely different team showed up for the second half, and it was now Dawson’s turn to apply pressure.

A few moments later, after many chances by the Lady Blues, Jessica Italia scored her first goal of the season, sending the ball past the Élans goalie, in the top left corner.

“I find we did better in the second half. In the first half we weren’t playing aggressive enough, we were always second on the ball, but second half we were more into it,” Italia said.

Alyssa Rusco had a nice chance to deepen Dawson’s lead, but she was stopped by Francois-Xavier goalie with the tip of her fingers.

The Élans gained some momentum back as at the 83 minutes Frédérique Paradis scored on a rebound after Le Breton-Lato stopped the first shot, making it 1-1.
The Lady Blues didn’t take long to attack once more, and on a free kick from Elizabeth McDonald that hit the crossbar, Gabriela Padvaiskas took the rebound to make it 2-1 Dawson.

Francois-Xavier put more pressure in the last few minutes, but were unable to tie the game as Le Breton-Lato closed the door on them.

“I’d rate our performance an eight. Maybe an eight point five,” Salvoni said. “There’s always room for improvement, we had difficulties when they were putting pressure on us, that how they scored their goal, we have to fix that.”
Dawsons’ last game of the season will take place on Oct. 24 against Champlain St. Lambert at Parc Seaway.

Dawson Mens AAA Soccer defeated the first place team F.-X. Garneau with a 4-3 victory despite being one man short virtually the entire game.

Within minutes of the opening whistle, Garneau’s goalie made a costly mistake when faced with Dawson’s Danilo Pessoa and somehow let the ball slip by him to put Dawson up 1-0.

Following this goal was a controversial call by the officials in which Dawson player Nicholas Sisti was caught kicking a Garneau player and given a red card. Although it appeared both players were involved in the aggression, only Sisti was penalized. This resulted in the Blues being one man short for the remainder of the game.

Words were exchanged between the team captain and the head referee after this call, as the linesman was nowhere to be found to confirm what happened, and the call was questionable.

Garneau sent a kick from outside the box that got past Dawson keeper Adriano Falbo in the bottom left corner to tie the game 1-1.

Dawson’s solid defense was stopping a lot of Garneau’s scoring chances before the half, but Garneau managed to get a second goal and take the lead.

Just seconds before the halftime mark, rapid and precise passing between forewards Danilo Pessoa and Felipe Costa de Souza allowed Pessoa to score his second of the game and tie it at 2-2.

It was a very fast start in the second half for Dawson, who had numerous scoring chances, notably a missed header, but could not finish.

In the 52 minute of the game, Danilo Pessoa scored again, with an assist from Felipe Costa de Souza and put Dawson up 3-2.

One of Garneau’s midfielders responded to Dawson’s sideline supporter’s taunts with a “hush” after he scored top left corner off a free kick in the 68 minute to tie the game at 3-3.

In the 82 minute, scored his third goal of the game by blasting one past a motionless keeper and bringing the game to its final score of 4-3.

“We got a red card in the first five minutes, but we really came together as a team and played well to beat them. This was the first time we’ve beat them in three years,” said Pessoa, “They were the first placed team, so we were really pumped up to play them.”

Dawson plays their next game vs. Champlain on Sunday Oct. 24 at 3:00 at Parc Seaway.


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