Sweaty Pits and Ass

By: Bianca Brais

Never pick a gym class thinking it’ll be easy. You’ll get screwed over and be forced to sprint up and down Mont Royal.

Sweaty, moist, clammy and disgusting is how you end up after a Dawson College gym class. That’s why I think Phys-Ed should be optional.

I know that working out is important. I completely agree with healthy eating and burning those calories on a treadmill. What frustrates me is having to work out in public.

The reason why signing up to a local gym is so expensive is because the people who actually pay $50 dollars a month are people who don’t mind sweating and panting in front of complete strangers. Why do you think they sell individual, “Stay at home” workout machines and have weight training videos? They were invented so that self-conscious people like me can work out in the privacy of our own homes.

Each person has his or her own routine. What I enjoy doing is working out to instructional videos. My personal favorite is The Biggest Loser DVD. Being able to follow along to someone who is telling me exactly what to do really motivates me. This is something I would never do in public. Along with running, aerobics and any other form of workout, I despise getting sweaty in gym class, especially when I have another class 10 minutes later.

Not only is it humiliating but we’re also stuck in classrooms with no air circulation. All you can smell is the B.O. wafting heavily in the air.

Furthermore, when you’re in gym, you’re obliged to wear “workout attire” that is appropriate for class. Therefore we’re stuck wearing thick sweatpants and shirts that absorb all the moisture that is exiting our body. At least when I’m at home jumping up and down, looking like a moron, I can wear what I want without worrying about my hair.

What makes gym class even worse is having the teacher try to encourage you by saying, “A water bottle can be used as a dumbbell. You can do this in your bedroom.” We can all agree that in college; other “workout activities” are being done in the bedroom that don’t involve dumbbells.

In high school, I was forced to attend gym class. I didn’t have the option to skip unless I stayed home all day or had a doctor’s note. My gym teacher would always say, “If you’re well enough to come to school, you are well enough to do gym.”

Once I graduated, I figured I could skip Phys-Ed as much as I wanted. But no, not at Dawson, no one can skip more than two classes. That’s just stupid. What’s the point of sweating if we don’t even have time to shower? All I know is that I’m tired of sitting next to people with yellow armpits and sweaty ass marks.


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