Mexican murder

Chief of police loses his head over drug wars

By: Dahlia Belinsky

The head of the Mexican chief of police, Rolando Flores, was found in a suitcase outside of a Mexican army base last week.

The motive for the killing of Flores is unclear, but Texas Governor Rick Perry believes it was an “attempt to intimidate law enforcement” and a message from drug cartel gangs to “stay out of their territory.”

Flores was leading the investigation for the death of David Hartley, who was shot on Sept. 30 near the U.S. – Mexico border.

Tamaulipas state attorney general spokesman Ruben Dario Rios said Flores’ death was not related to Hartley’s death.

Hartley and his wife, Tiffany Hartley, were crossing Falcon Lake on jet skis when pirates shot Mr. Hartley in the head. Mrs. Hartley was forced leave her husband’s body behind and flee as they continued to shoot at her, Mrs. Hartley explained, CNN reported.

Mr. Hartley’s body still has not been found. For now, the search has been suspended in order to “better assess the strategies we are using to find the body,” Rios said, CNN reported.

Falcon Lake is on the border of Texas and a region in Mexico where there have been numerous accounts of drug related violence this year.

According to the BBC, in the last 45 months there have been 30,000 deaths due to drug related violence. If the killings continue to increase at the rate that they have been, the death total will be approximately 75,000 by Dec. 2010.
In Moneterrey, a city northeast of Mexico, there have been three grenade attacks this month alone, CNN reported.

The grenades were thrown at a police station, a public square, and in the vicinity of the U.S. consulate. No deaths were reported, but there were multiple injuries.
The US State Department is warning Americans to be cautious if they are traveling or living in Mexico, particularly south of the border, where Falcon Lake and Moneterrey are situated.

Due to this warning and the outbreak of drug-related violence, the Jonas Brothers were forced to cancel their concert in Moneterrey.


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