Name: Wolfe Girardin
Interested in: Girls
Program: Cin/Vid/Com

Wolfe’s interests include: longboarding, sandwiches, gluteus maximus, and street art. He listens to ska-core, reggae, indie, elctro, 90’s New York hip hop and some of his favorite artists include LOC, Choking Victim, No Cash, Wutang, Mobb Deep, Nas, and Biggie. Wolfe likes to hang out on the railroad tracks and check out abandoned places. A couple things he doesn’t like include; the long, expensive and shitty process of getting a drivers license, oysters, Ed Hardy, male v-necks, wasting time on Facebook, and Nickleback (and all the singers who sound like Nickleback). He’s always out and about and you can usually find him at Thirsty Thursdays at Mad Hatter.


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