Lip-sync to win

Dawson hosts a lip-sync contest in the theatre where students could win prizes and money

By: Kadina McKenzie

Although just a week ago there was only one contestant registered, the Lip Synch contest held at the Dawson Theatre last Thursday afternoon saw a large turnout to hear three big winners and a disqualified contestant.

The contest organized by Student Services, gave the student population the opportunity to win up to $100 by performing in front of an audience, lip syncing and imitating an artist or group of their choice.

During this two-hour long event various students sang along to artists such as Kesha , Leona Lewis, Destiny’s Child, TLC,- Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, the Spice Girls, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Drake.

The show started with Emerant Barclay lip syncing to “take it off” by Kesha, then continued with performances by Samara Ben Sabat who performed to Avril Lavigne, and several other performances, ending with a thirty-minute set featuring Brian Ofori performing to Fresh Price of Bel Air.

Despite his lateness, technical difficulties and the fact that he forgot the lyrics to his song, Ofori won the third place prize of $50. “It’s not the proper song to my performance,” Ofori said.

The winners of the show were decided based on the quality of their act, how well they resembled the artist, and how perfectly their imitation was. After debating on the merits of the performers , the judges, representatives from Student Services- Janice Gills, Billi Joe, and Randel Randellant, a third year engineering student, decided to give the big win to the group TLC, that included Kristina Ferguson as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, Jade Parkinson as Chili and Judith Ntambwe as T Boz.

“Number one key to winning is to have fun,” Ntambwe, a first semester student in Social Sciences who performed as T Boz, said.

“TLC showed me what music was as I was growing up as a child and with the new style of hip hop that is so common, we wanted to bring back the old school and show the new school what hip hop was all about and how different it was back then,” Ferguson, first year Cin/Vid/Com student who performed as Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, said.
Terry Joseph, who lip synced to Drake, got disqualified due to the inappropriate language in the song he chose. While Joseph was performing “Over,” Gills, told the stage manager to stop the song because it contained a lot of foul language that was deemed inappropriate for the audience.
With different styles of music and choreographed moves, the audience went crazy, yelling out cheers and standing up to applaud their friends. It got to the point that Samara Ben Sabat, who performed as Avril Lavigne, brought her skate board on stage.
“A lot of people came and I appreciate all my friends that came to support me,” Ferguson said.
“It was funny seeing my friend looking like a clown, not singing the song but performing to it,” Trina Bird, a third year Science student, said.


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