Immaturity is hilarious

Jackass 3D urinates and defecates on other movies at the box office on its opening weekend

By Maya Malkin

Jackass 3D is full of pain, vomit, animals, penis, peeing and feces. The guys are back for their third installment of immature hilarity with lots of slow motion and 3D effects.

The film opens with an obviously high budget set up where the jackass crew emerges in stupid costumes only to be shot at with paintball guns, kicked in the face, and of course smacked in the balls, all in HD slow motion.

Knoxville, Margera, Wee-Man, Steve-O, Pontius, Dunn and Preston are the characters seen most throughout the film, and perform most of the stunts. This time around the jackass team take several hits from bulls, send Steve-O flying through the air in a port-a-potty, drink a cup of Preston’s sweat, and make a volcano erupt with diarrhea instead of lava.

The movie honestly did not need to be in 3D. It cost $16 dollars to see it at the AMC, which is an outrageous price to begin with, but it gets embarrassing when you admit to having spent it on Jackass. Some of the effects in the beginning were interesting in 3D, but it is hardly worth the extra four dollars. A new addition to the Jackass movies was slow motion, which was really interesting and entertaining to watch. They used it especially well for Bam Margera’s prank, “Rocky,” in which someone would get water splashed on them, and then punched in the face with a boxing glove.

The picture made $50 million at the box office on its opening weekend, toping other films like The Social Network ($22.4 million), and Red ($22.5 million), (taking into account the higher price). Either way they must be doing something right. It obviously appeals to a huge audience.

Part of what makes this movie so funny is how much fun the guys are having while doing these crazy things. Anytime someone gets hurt, or something gross happens, they burst out laughing. It’s contagious and it makes the stunts that much more hilarious.

This is not a film for serious people; you need to still be in tact with your 14-year-old self for this to be worth it. There are lots of farts, nudity and peeing on each other pranks. The audience was loud and obnoxious, just like the film, and laughed their heads off the whole time.

They end the film with a montage of the cast and crew and their baby photos, along with a song called “Memories,” which hints that this may be the final Jackass film we see.

Although the boys are getting old (most pushing 30 and Knoxville, 40), they still have the same childish qualities and obviously have a blast while being stupid. Jackass 3D is definitely a very entertaining waste of money.


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