Eyes on the DSU

The Dawson Student Union discussed Project Purple Power, the Washington trip and several other events

By: Carl Perks

During Monday’s Dawson Student Union (DSU) meeting, where treasurer Michaël Lessard brought potatoes and cheese for everyone present, the executive members of the student union discussed the many events that will occur within the next five days.

Among these, there was discussion of Project Purple Power, which has been advertised all over Facebook, where, this Thursday, balloons, bracelet sales, vigils and information tables will commemorate and honour the six homosexual young men that have committed suicide in recent weeks due to homophobic abuse. ‘‘The idea is to encourage students to view school as a safe place,’’ Matthew Mancini, the Director of Communications and Media said.

Also to be on the lookout for, the union, following popular trends, recently ratified The Dawson Glee Club. Dancing choir enthusiasts may join by dropping by the DSU (Dawson Student Union) office (2F.2) and signing their name on the list.

Likewise, there was much talk about the organising of a trip to Washington where Dawson students may pay the subsidised fee of $125 to embark, along with union executives and other students, on a trip to attend to John Stewarts ‘‘ Rally to Restore Sanity’’ and Stephen Colbert’s ‘‘March to Keep Fear Alive’.” The $125 ($175 for students that are not represented by the DSU) will encompass the bus ride there and back, both of the marches, hotel fees and touring activities. The bus leaves the 29 and comes back the 31.

For people still looking for something to do on the Saturday before Halloween, the DSU is helping club Muzik to promote their event called Vamp. Unionised students pay the exceptional price of $5 to get into the club if they buy their tickets presale at the DSU office (2F.2). The party will be on Oct. 29 and club Muzik is at 3781 blv. Saint-Laurent.

A last thing to look out for will be the promotion of their ‘‘Education as a Right’’ campaign at the Dawson open house this Sunday. To aid in this, the DSU has just ratified a new stance in their bylaws where they oppose any barriers in the accessibility to post-secondary education including tuition fees, visa fees, language barriers, social barriers based on skin colour, sexual orientation and gender, enrolment quotas and conditions preventing disabled and special need students from accessing higher education locations.

In news, this year’s audit of the DSU was the quickest since their accreditation. This is due to the financial shamble caused by ex-VP Finance Shanice Rose. The executive hopes that the short duration of the audit translates into lower costs: ‘‘At this point, if the audit continues to be as expensive as the last few years, we will have to send out bids. We just can’t continue paying so much,” Mathieu Murphy Perron, Executive Director said.


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