Dawson’s Finest

By: Maya Malkin

The man of the week is once again a Cin/Vid/Com student. This is the last one, I promise! Well… at least for a couple weeks. I just want to apologize for the fact that I have had cinema guys two weeks in a row now, but hey, with Thanksgiving break and all, everyone has probably already forgotten that I continuously use film boys for my column (…except that I just reminded you). Next week I’ll find someone who’s never even touched a camera… or seen a computer! He may be a little young or extra terrestrial but that’s cool, I don’t discriminate against babies and aliens.

This doesn’t only relate to Dawson boys, but I don’t understand what guys are thinking when they use pick up lines. Do they really expect this to be the turning point in the night for them? Do they say to themselves, “I’m going to use this really cool line and this girl is going to want me?” This weekend I was out with two of my friends, we were at the back of the bar not being disruptive at all, and this older chubby guy comes up to us and says, “So I just came over to tell you guys that you need to quiet down, the whole bar can hear you, you’re being way too loud.” …OKAY? AND? What do you want now? You’ve said your hilarious joke, now what? Oh my God all of a sudden you’ve lost 15 years, your potbelly has suctioned itself in, and your safari outfit is somewhat charming. NO. That’s not how it works. You’re still creepy. Go away.


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