Bucks for blossoming bulbs

Dawson helps with Peace Garden Bulb Planting event and fundraiser

By: Jennifer Hughes

The Peace Garden Bulb Planting event and fundraiser took place Monday, where approximately 100 students, faculty, and staff members came out to help with planting.

The goal was to plant more than 5000 bulbs, however due to weather conditions, only half were planted. “We’ll continue it another day,” Cindy Elliott, Coordinator of Sustainable Dawson, said.

They will either finish planting by the end of this week or the next. “We must have everything planted by the first week of November,” Elliott said.

Fourteen-thousand of the bulbs were also on sale during the planting to raise money to cover the costs of the Peace Garden. “That was a success,” Elliot said, “At least 700 bulbs were sold, minimum.

Louise De Souza, mother of Anastasia De Souza, the victim of the 2006 shooting, also came to the garden and helped out.

“I just wanted to give back to the school,” Anastasia’s cousin, Brandon Rivas, a first semester North South Studies student said.

Throughout the planting, Adam Reider, a former Dawson student, filmed parts for his independent documentary about the Peace Garden. “We’re filming a lot of the creation of the Peace Garden, but the idea, as it stands now, and it may not go this route, is the idea of people coming together for a community project that’s nature based after a tragedy,” Reider said.

“It [the planting] seemed fun and it’s for a good cause,” volunteer Stephanie Guida, a first semester Fine Arts student said. “It [the environment] is definitely something that I care about.”

During the planting The Fondation Québécoise en Environnement (FQE) held a press conference where Vice President Claude Hill presented a donation cheque of $17000 for the creation of the Peace Garden.


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