What the hell am I doing here?

Academic Dean, Robert Kavanagh, speaks about behaviour at the Humanities conference

By Alexandra Giubelli

Last Thursday, several students attended the Humanities conference where Academic Dean, Robert Kavanagh, gave a lecture on how studying Humanities provides a good context for making life decisions, and how that thinking creates an impact in public life.

The conference started with Kavanagh saying hello in many languages, explaining that languages allow communities to develop around them.

“I said yes to do this conference because I like to put myself in situations I don’t know much about. It gives me challenge and reminds me that I know little,” Kavanagh said. He then showed the meaning of the word public and the many antonyms to the word.

Kavanagh explained his role as the Academic Dean. He then took some time to explain the Dawson hierarchy.

“Even if we are in a public space, we keep things to ourselves, it’s part of being a complex human being.”

He explained that critical thinking was important to develop as it helps our ability to reflect, find the truth and the nature of good and evil. Those are the qualities needed to help make decisions.

“The turning point decisions of my life were driven by intuition, vision, fear, desire, hope and challenge. Pulling and pushing me in different directions. It’s important to be able to think clear through all of this. Question what you believe in, question what’s in front of you.

Behind Kavanagh as he was speaking, was a banner with the word “truth” on it. He asked someone in the crowd to come forward and read what was written inside the word.

“The word in itself is an illusion. It hides many other aspects, many hidden meanings that are sometimes crude unspoken words.”

A few questions were asked at the end of his speech and Kavanagh  finished off by saying, “Words are great tools. We can learn how to think better to interact better with people. Always be aware of what people need and want.”

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