Going down the hill

Sign-ups for the ski and snowboarding trip where students will stay at Mont Ste. Anne have begun

By Elise Favis

Dawson’s annual ski and snowboard trip resumes this year through Jan. 2 to 7, where students will stay at Mont. Ste Anne, with condo accommodations, transportation by bus, and free optional lessons, all for a $435 fee.

“Over the years that I’ve [organized] it, it’s been an extremely positive event to be able to offer to our students,” Mary Di Liello, main organizer and Recreation Technician of Student Affairs said. “I never have a problem filling all the condos.”

Each year, there is a variety of students from many programs. Students will be housed with 10 to 12 others in condos at the ski hill. Attendees will have the option to spend a night in Quebec City if interested. One out of the five days will be spent at Le Massif, another hill just 20 minutes away from where they will be staying. The trip is not rigorous; it is considered more as a get-away for students to unwind and meet new people.

“A lot of new friendships form from it. Not all condos are filled with people that know each other,” Di Liello said. “Every night [students will] get together for a planned meal, socialize, play cards, play games, relax, and hopefully get some rest, so that they can get up the next morning and ski and board some more.”

The trip is available to students of any skill level, from beginner to advanced. Two of the mornings during the week will offer optional, structured lessons guided by Rodroy’s Ski school instructors.

“We usually have good conditions at Mont St Anne because they’re always making snow and grooming trails,” Di Liello said. “They also have night skiing.”

Students from other CEGEPs such as Champlain, John Abbott, and Marianopolis will also be attending the same trip.

“We do condo checks every night, to make sure that there are no injuries, that the dynamics between the individuals in the condos are healthy, and that there’s no drama,” Di Liello added.

Space is limited; the spots are given on a first come first serve basis. For more information and to obtain a sign-up form, contact Mary Di Liello, in Student Affairs office 2E.6.


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