Total Life Forever with a splash of Antidotes

Foals dropped by Montreal and left behind one tired crowd

By Carl Perks

The Foals played their two song encore and, much to the dismay of the crowd, went to bed, probably on someone’s floor somewhere (as depicted in the Skins Secret Party skit).

The fans in attendance at The Cabaret Juste Pour Rire Sept. 28 were probably not used to having such an exhilarating Tuesday night. They still wanted more as the five piece, oxford born, post-punk, dance, math rock band stepped off the stage.

The Foals’ music is divided into two albums. The first, Antidotes, is dancy, riddled with upbeat guitar riffs and could almost be played in a dance club. The second, Total Life Forever, which had even more critical acclaim than the former (a hard record to beat), is composed mainly of minimalist, trance pop soaring guitar glides. Though pleasant on an Ipod, it’s not something you can usually bob your head to.

Most of the people coming to this sold out show were probably hoping for songs from the first album with dreams of an exhausting night of alcohol abuse, drugs, dancing, pushing, crowd surfing and moshing in mind. Despite the Foals playing songs from Total Life Forever in all entirety, the previously mentioned actions ensued. Against all possibilities within the physical realm, the band managed to make their songs upbeat and exciting.

This is mainly due to their drummer who, in spite of his relatively small size, seemed that he could have been a more significant source of energy than a nuclear power plant.

Contributing to the general enthusiasm of the crowd, Yannis, the singer, would jump and wander during the whole show. Jumping and wandering is putting it lightly: at one instance he would climb to the upper floor of the stage and walk on the hand ramp. At another instance, he would stage dive into the crowd and keep singing. In hip hop you would have said that he was his own hype man.

All in all, it was an action packed show. It was a great idea to adapt their Total Life Forever sprinkled with Antidotes show for a live audience demanding and expecting to move. The crowd definitely showed the Foals that Montreal is not a city of cross-armed hipster kids standing bored with condescending frowns.


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