Thick Blooded was Indecently Amazing

Indecent Xposure and Pop Montreal bring in local bands at Lambi

By Gabe Gilker

Last Friday at Club Lambi, Indecent Xposure teamed up with Pop Montreal to host their second annual showcase, putting the best local, underground bands on display for the public.

“The bands are all really good. We really took our time to choose bands that were talented,” Nick Younes, founder of Indecent Xposure, said. “The whole point of this show is to shine light on local bands.”

At 10:30 Thick Blooded provided the most interesting and unique sound of the night. Gregory Marino gave the opening solo with his back facing the audience; the crowd’s interest was piqued as the talented Anh Phung joined him on stage and seamlessly introduced her flute.

The energetic Steven Lee Rachel hopped up next to provide the solid bassline. Matthew Outerbridge sneaked behind and drew the whole thing together with his fast-paced drumming. Each instrument transformed the music until it reached its peak of ultimate Progressive A.D.D. Rock.  “I wanna hear some dancing! I wanna hear some footsteps on the ground!” Marino said to the crowd as everyone got up and started rocking out to the flute solo provided by Phung.
Our Friend & The Spiders had a tough act to follow. They provided a common pop-rock sound. Drawing resemblance to the Kings of Leon, it was easy to listen to, but not so memorable.

Montoire did bring a comedic affect to the stage after Our Friend & The Spider had pummeled the crowd with their heavy noise. All donning heavy jackets, standing in a straight line across the stage their serious faces all seemed so ridiculous inside the venue under the glaring stage lights. The lead singer wandered away from the mike and disappeared behind amps a couple times. This posh-punk band was a questionable choice for the show.

The show was a success, drawing  a crowd of more than 200 people. “We don’t really cater to this group of people, so this is a completely new crowd,” said Younes. Indecent Xposure started off at the Dawson radio and, ever since, it has expanded.

Indecent is known for the themed parties they throw, but recently have ramifying into blogging, nightlife, fashion, music and arts & culture in general. Reality Check, their TV reality show, is into its second season and is coming out on Oct. 6.

To experience Indecent Xposure to the fullest, make an appearance at  their party, EPIDEMIC, on Oct. 30, at 1314 Olier Street.


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