Nordiques left out in the cold

Dawson’s Women Pummel Lionel-Groulx 4-0

By: Brian Lapuz and Dahlia Belinsky

The Women’s AAA Soccer team defeated the Lionel-Groulx Nordiques on Sunday with a score of 4-0 at the Catalogna Soccerplexe, two days after beating John Abbott 2-0.

Following an unexciting back-and-forth game during the first half, the Lady Blues came in full force during the second half, scoring four goals while constantly keeping the Nordique Ladies on their toes.

“We still need to keep consistency,” Blues captain Karina Sisti said. “Last game, we started strong in the first half. This game we came out strong in the second [half].”

Still, the first half did bring in a few crowd teasing moments. Jessica Lucarelli played a corner kick and when the ball rebounded off the Lionel Groulx goalie who scored into the Nordiques’ net.

“We got a lucky goal. [It was] a gift if you will,” Sisti said.
Throughout the first half the Nordiques were unable to by the impenetrable Dawson defense. When they were finally given an opportunity, Lionel Groulx hesitated to tie the game before the end of the first half.

“We made a few [adjustments] during half time and the players capitalized on their chances [in the second half],” head coach Alex Salvoni said.

Dawson began the second half with increased intensity as they trampled through the Nordiques’ defensive line, giving Alexandria Hoyte a chance to capitalize, bringing the score to 2-0.

Still early in the second half, Lindsay Jasmin hit the post and the ball rebounded to Hoyte who brought it to the back of the net, but the goal didn’t count due to the referee calling an offside.

Hoyte continued to be a stand out in the game as she decked the Nordiques defense, passed the ball to Melissa St. Onge, who scored sent the ball flying under the goalie’s arm.

The Nordiques were becoming tired and losing ball hunger as they began giving up on playing offensively and tried focusing more on defensive plays.
The Blues took advantage of this weakness and only minutes after their latest goal, Hoyte scored again for Dawson, making the score 4-0.

With the match completely out of reach from the Nordiques the game got more aggressive as there was more pushing and pulling from both teams. This resulted in more free kicks for both team, but no advantage was gained from any of them.
“The Blues played a little bit more dangerously today,” Salvoni said. “We got a lot more creative.”

The Blues will be playing their next match against Édouard Montpetit on Friday at Parc Laurier at 7 p.m.

“While the statistics for Édouard Montpetit are poor, we have to go into every game thinking the other team is the best,” Sisti explained.

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