By Maya Malkin
Name: Jesse Rosenberg
Hair: Brown
Interested In: Girls
Program: Cin/Vid/Com

Jesse is known around Dawson as the guy with the dog. He plays in a band called Acid Police, his favourite colours are earthy tones, and he usually hangs out at his apartment or on various stoops. His interests include: film making, music, art and literature. His puppy Sara is six months old and from an organization called MIRA, a foundation that trains animals to be of aid to the disabled. “I got involved in Mira through a friend of my father… I met a girl who went to Dawson and was allowed to bring the dog with her. She said it was great because the dog slept through most of the classes but that’s not really the case with Sara,” Jesse said. He trains his dog and has to bring it everywhere he goes, so in the summer he takes her to the canal. Jesse rates himself a 7.5/10 (hotness) on a good day.


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