Fashionistas delight

Montreal fashion week brings in designers from all parts of the globe

By Nathalie Laflamme

Visting this year’s Montreal fashion week, held at Marché Bonsecours in Old Montreal, I found it to be quite successful.

Reputed designers like Caroline Néron, Christian Chenail, David Dixon, Dimitri Chris, and many others showcased their spring/summer 2011 collections on the runway.

This year was the Showroom’s sixth edition. I was able to visit this wonderful place, which displayed an international selection of 60 designers, each of whom had their own booth. All these different designers were separated into five categories: precursor brands, quality brands, leading street-wear and denim brands and accessories. It was ran from Sept. 28 to 30, but it was only open to the public on the 30. For the small cost of $10, anyone could go into the showroom and purchase pieces from some of the most reputed designers in the area. The exhibition was spread out onto two floors. They had set up mirrors and changing rooms and everything! If only I had money…

Every booth was completely different, whether it came to colour, fabrics or shape. Some designers, like Olga Tigirlas, created feminine, bright pieces using only recycled materials. Others, like Annie 50, had  50’s inspired romantic pieces covered with floral patterns. Everywhere I looked, there were clothes, jewelry, and shoes I could only have dreamed of. Designers like Uranium were offering 50% discounts on jewelry. Even Lucky Seven was there!

I definitely plan on going back to fashion week next year, and I think all fashionistas should, as well.

Hopefully, I won’t be as broke next year; I’ll have the year to save up. The spring of 2011 will definitely be a memorable, beautiful time in our lives… well when it comes to fashion.

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