Facebook Freak

Melina Giubilaro confesses to The Plant about her social network addiction.

Are you one of those people who go on Facebook at least five times a day to either change your profile picture or update your status or, better yet, see if the guy you like is online? Well, if you are, then continue reading.

I am a Facebook freak. There, I’ve said it. They say admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. Seriously, I’ve tried deleting my account, but I can’t.  I never really had a hobby until 2004. It’s called Facebook stalking. Really, I spend hours clicking on recent updates. The worst part is that I don’t even care if people have updated their statuses or uploaded a photo album. I’m just bored. My life is so boring that I comfort myself by looking at other people’s profiles, laughing at their puckered up profile pictures and commenting that they’re beautiful. Lame, I know.

After watching The Social Network last weekend, I’ve realized that we’ve become a boring society where social networking has taken over our lives. Honestly, we’re all sick!

The Social Network opens up with Mark Zuckerburg insulting his girlfriend. She leaves, telling him that women won’t like him not because he’s a nerd, but because he’s an asshole. There you go, ladies and gentlemen the creator of Facebook is an asshole and a billionaire because of it.

How is it that in 2003, a socially awkward Harvard student took the first steps into creating a social network that led, in about two years, to a great amount of money and still remains a profitable website in 2010?

This movie made me believe that we are all isolated and alone. I signed up on Facebook because I wanted to reconnect with old friends. What old friends did I possibly have to reconnect with? The answer is: none. The only people I talk to daily are my real friends. Friends that know my personal life. In a virtual society everything is fake. Your friendship and your connections with other people are invented. Adding friends because you have 15 friends in common. Bitch please. No one on Facebook deserves to know where I am and what I’m doing. Hell, I don’t even know where I’m going!

While I was in Italy this summer, the friends I met there added me on Facebook and asked me if I was really married. I swear just because my relationship status is set to married on Facebook does not mean that I am!  I’m 18 years old for Christ’s sake and I’m not ready for marriage.

Why are there over a billion people on Facebook? Is it because we want to know where everyone will be at a certain time and we want proof of it so we take pictures and create albums? Seriously, what ever happened to privacy? I don’t care where you go or what you’re wearing. Go out and have fun because you want to not because you need a new photo album or profile picture for Facebook.

In the end, we will all become a wasted human being in front of a computer, hitting refresh, repeatedly. Alone.

P.S.: If you’re one of those people who thinks that Facebook isn’t an addiction, try not logging in for at least one day. Tell me how that goes.

Comments?  Please contact me at melina_g04@msn.com.

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