Blues win by slim margin

Dawson’s AAA men beat John Abbott Islanders 1-0

By Dahlia Belinsky

Dawson’s Men’s AAA Soccer team played their sixth game on Friday against the Abbott Islanders and won by a score of 1-0.

“We played much better than our last home game,” said head coach Marco Masucci, “We missed chances early on, but kept fighting till the last minute.”
Dawson began strong, and in only the first five minutes, the Blues managed a great chance that rang off the crossbar.

Throughout the entire game the Blues played aggressively and constantly out ran the Islanders. The ball was on Abbott’s side of the field for the majority of the game. Dawson’s defense kept the ball away while the offense had a constant stream of shots on the goal.

“Dawson is really dominating,” said Patrick Fusarini who was not playing due to injury. “They’re moving the ball around well and exploiting Abbott’s weaknesses.”

Dawson was working as a team and they had many opportunities to score. Danilo Pessoa crossed the ball to Felipe Costa de Souza, but it sailed over his head and Luca Valsorda received it.

Valsorda was able to get a great shot but it too hit the crossbar and was cleared by the Islander defense.

John Abbott wasn’t able to muster many good chances but, when one came on a free kick, the Blues’ defense quickly gained possession and pushed it out of their zone.

The game went without serious injury for both teams, until two players collied with each other trying to head the ball and both the Dawson (Costa de Souza) and the Abbott player were taken out of the game temporarily.

The second half began and Dawson’s intensity didn’t waver as they had two consecutive shots on goal within the first 10 minutes.

“The boys did very well in the first half. They’re passing the ball to each other very quickly.” Veronnik Marcil, a player for the Women’s AAA Soccer team said.
Even in the last 15 minutes, Dawson didn’t slow down or give up as Pessoa had a breakaway and crossed to Youssef Ennajimi, who just barely missed the net.

Dawson was given another free kick, which was taken again by Holland, but Abbott still wasn’t ready to give up with their goalkeeper making a great save.
With only five minutes left, Ennajimi ran through the Abbott defence and broke away to finally score the winning goal for Dawson. The enthusiasm was apparent as Ennajimi celebrated and one of the coaches had to be whistled off the field
“We were 11 guys working together and I’m happy to have scored the goal for Dawson.” Ennajimi said, after scoring the game’s lone goal.

The Blues played incredible defense after the goal keeping the Islanders at bay while time ran out, securing the win for Dawson.

“The important thing is that every game we get better and better.” said Massuci, “We’re definitely ready for provincials.”

Dawson’s next home game will be on Oct. 15 at Vanier.


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