Dawson’s Finest

By: Maya Malkin

A couple things I heard Dawson guys say this week:

1.    I farted, play it cool.
2.    Isn’t Picasso a Pokemon?
3.    I love ketchup.

Once again the man with the slicked back hair is telling me he’s planning to write a response to my complaints about him. He told me this three weeks ago, but never got around to it. I’m not sure if it’ll actually ever happen, but I sure hope it does. I think people should hear his side of the whole thing.

You know which guys are annoying? The ones who won’t shut up in class, and have an opinion on everything. I’m not saying smart boys are annoying, but there’s always that one dude who just thinks he knows everything, and specifically does research to show the rest of the class. The guy that just copies information into his brain and pastes it out of his mouth to make himself feel better than everyone else. It aggravates me. We’re discussing recent big events in Canada, stop spewing out random facts about South Africa. No one cares that you’re oh-so educated.

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