Blues hold on to beat John Abbott

Dawson defeat the Islanders by a score of 2-0 Friday night

By Gabe Gilker

Dawson Women’s AAA Soccer team took an early 2-0 lead and held on for the rest of the game for the win against John Abbott last Friday night at the Soccerplexe in Lachine.

The beginning of the game saw very sloppy play from both teams. The Blues and Islanders struggled to maintain possession of the ball, kicking it out of bounds constantly. Neither team could seem to find the right rhythm as the ball went back and forth with play being stopped for throw-ins.

The Blues eventually started playing well and began to test John Abbott’s defence by keeping the majority of the game on the opposing teams side for the rest of the first half.

The team was presented with many opportunities to score goals but unfortunately wasn’t able to organize themselves and didn’t capitalize. The Islander’s goalkeeper put up a fight and saved the Blues’ shots keeping the game tied at zero.

Dawson did manage to score though, when 20 minutes into the game, Alexandria Hoyte rifled the ball past John Abott’s keeper putting the Blues up 1-0.

“This wasn’t our best game. The way we’re winning is not the way we want,” said forward Gabriela Padvaiskas, “When you come off the field you should feel like you’ve given it your all. You and your teammates should all feel like you all connected and that just wasn’t happening.”

Abbott managed to mount a strong counter attack, driving the ball down the field, but Dawson’s defense were able to control where the ball went, pushing the Islanders out to the sides, not letting them take a clear and easy shot on net.
After the Blues made more attempts to score, Lindsay Jasmin finally landed a second goal 39 minutes in. The ball gracefully sweeping under the goalie as she desperately tried to dive to save it from her net, but failed much to the pleasure of the Dawson fans.

Abbott grew more aggressive as they earned themselves a yellow card for tackling Shauna Zilversmit, who didn’t let it phase her, just a few minutes before the half time whistle was called.

“I thought we did well, getting an early lead, but we weren’t able to finish them off,” said head coach Alex Salconi,  “It was an average game, and we could have done some things better. Sloppy endings have been an issue in the past when we’re up to start the game.”

The second half of the game started off slow. Abbott attempted to keep it on Dawson’s side but failed and the Blues were able to clear each attempt. The momentum and frustration started to grow on the field as many shots were missed by Dawson due to what seemed to be a lack of focus.

Twenty-seven minutes in Kaitlyn Fournier earned a yellow card for injuring an Abbott player. The last 20 minutes of the game lacked organization and a connection between the players as everyone scrambled to keep the ball away from the net. The remainder of the game was kept at the middle line and finally Abbott was only playing to keep the score at 2-0. The whistle signalled the end of an unsatisfying game even though the Blues emerged victorious.

“It was a really slow game. No one was going first for the ball, but after the first goal the momentum picked up and the whole team showed more drive.” Padvaiskas said.

The Blues play their next game against Edouard-Montpetit on Oct 15.


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