Blaze No More

By Petit Canard

I was offered to write a small article, commenting on Chaud Lapin’s articles and his pothead lifestyle. For some, this might seem bitching for the sake of bitching. Partly, I’m not going to lie. Knowing Chaud Lapin’s real identity might create more polite barriers to my writing. I had to ask for his approval. As he shook my hand with an attitude that meant to say he was the best thing that was ever given birth to on this planet, he warned me that I was going to lose. Never, ever, would I let a guy “out-bitch” a girl. Just like manipulation and hysteria, bitching is a female department.

In his last article, he mentioned that 16 devoted followers (my sympathies to friends and family) suggested listing the best places to smoke up near Dawson.

A – If you do not know them already, you cannot consider yourself a stoner and making your love for those pot culture rubrics even more pathetic.

B – You do not need to be a smart ass to recognize them. Stoners are “so sketch.” When you see a couple guys, spaced out, walking out of an alley, their pants hanging to their knees, carrying an empty school bag, and heading to McDonald’s, you know what’s up. Once in a while, a girl with thick mascara and dripping eye liner will be walking behind them.

Now, if learning how to elaborately define all your smoking stage solaced you for not having a list of places to blaze between classes or was something “interesting” you learned at school today, you may cry on your education.

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