Dawson Com-imé Club’s hosts their first Weeaboo Wednesday event

By Gabe Gilker

Last week, Weeaboo Wednesday enjoyed a steady flow of people coming and going throughout the three-hour event.

All were sitting down and thoroughly enjoying K-ON!, Black Rock Shooter and Heroman. This was the first afternoon of animé organized by the Com-imé Club, who will be there every week to screen animé movies and television shows for free, while serving up pop corn and sodas, for the rest of the semester.

“We [Com-imé Club] wanted to host an event, and the best way we could do this is to show it off,” said Liam Allen-Miller, Vice President of the Com-imé Club.
The first two episodes of K-ON! started the afternoon showing. This is a very fluffy television show about four girls who join the “Light Music Club” at their school in order to save it from being abolished. It focus is predominately on Yui Hirasawa, a clumsy, disorganized girl who is easily distracted by things that are cute and adorable.

Hirasawa has no musical background, but with the help of the three other members, bassist Mio Akiyama, drummer Ritsu Tainaka and keyboardist Tsumugi Kotobuki, she slowly improves.

Black Rock Shooter followed the stupidly cute animé series. This abstract and dark film followed the lives of two best friends Mato Kuroi and Yomi Takanashi. When Yomi is reported missing by her family, Mato takes it into her own hands to try and find her best friend.

Flashes of the film go into a surreal Mars-like world, where we see these two super humans fighting with such intensity, it’s almost scary. The attention to detail on the mystery world created such a deep feeling of loneliness and anger, that at a certain point, it was hard to watch. The use of sound was executed amazingly.

Some scenes on the mystery planet were filled with an empty hollow silence, which created a build up of tension. It was then broken when they would return to the real world of Yomi and Mato. A definite must see for anyone who loves a science-fiction/suspense twist in his or her anime.

Set in scenic “Center City,” loosely based on Los Angeles, the third and last show on the programme was introduced. In Heroman, created by Marvel’s mastermind Stan Lee, the audience is introduced to a sweet, almost feminine looking boy named Joey. Joey is an orphan, living with his grandmother and working in a restaurant to help make ends meet. Joey gets his hands on the new ‘Heybo’ doll, a white robot that is decked out in the American-patriotic colours, and all of a sudden his life changes. With the impending destruction of Earth by the evil insect-like aliens called the Skrugg, he finds out that his ‘Heybo’ doll is more than just a doll…

“It was like Digimon, but better and on crack,” said Niki Bohbot, first semester Health Science student, giving her opinion about Heroman.

Last year, the Com-imé Club spent over 300$ on licensing for movies and the turnout was quite poor, so this year they had a group discussion and decided to only show unlicensed television shows and movies so that they could not only save money, but have more events throughout the semester.

“For someone who’s never really watched anime, I actually liked it,” said Caiti Birenbaum, third semester General Social.

Drop by Oliver’s next Wednesday for the next two episodes of K-ON! and Heroman, as well as another short film or television show that has yet to be announced.


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