The limit for fun does not exist

Dawson gets ready to hold their fourth annual math competition

By: Dahlia Belinsky

The fourth annual Math Competition will take place on Oct. 14, many prizes could be won such as an iPod or a digital camera.

The competition is a test composed of 12 questions. Students have three hours to write it. “Everyone can apply so long as they are a Dawson student,” Varuzhan Ohanyan, organizer of the competition and a teacher of the Math department explained. The questions are from 536 math, meaning there is no calculus or linear algebra.

To win the grand prize, “it’s about getting the top grade. That could be 62 or 98, however no one has ever received 100,” Ohanyan said. Prizes are given to top three or top five students with the highest marks. The other prizes consist of math textbooks and a variety of gift cards.

“I passed 536, but I wouldn’t want to sit down and write a three hour exam if I wasn’t guaranteed a digital camera,” Marlena Legault-Monton, third semester Liberal Arts Student said. “If you don’t mind writing exams it’s a great opportunity.”

The event was organized to “promote mathematics and discover which students are interested and have lots of potential,” Ohanyan explained. “We’d like to see more student involvement when it comes to math.”

There are coaches available to help students study for the exam. The list of the teachers and their availabilities can be found outside Ohanyan’s office, 7B.8.

To register for the competition students must speak to the secretary of the Math department, Andrea Rudolph in 6B.19-3. The competition will be on Oct 14 in room 4C.1 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. The award ceremony will take place between a week and 10 days after the exam.


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