One step forward, two steps back

Dawson’s Lacrosse team couldn’t find the right rhythm against Brébeuf

By Chris Pike

Dawson’s Lacrosse team fell to 0-4 last Sunday, losing to Collège Brébeuf by a score of 16-5.

The Blues opened up the game with a bang as Shayne Jackson demolished a Brébeuf player who was streaking down the sideline.

Dawson now had all the momentum but were unable to capitalize on their chances and Brébeuf got a few shots on goal soon after. Goalkeeper Brandon Bordeaux was able to come up big a make a few stops but eventually Brébeuf got the ball past him, making it 1-0.

The Blues were able to win the ensuing faceoff and make a fast break toward the Brébeuf goal but were unable to control the ball and lost it soon after. However, Dawson soon regained control of the ball and were able to get it to their leading scorer Olivier Charbonneau who continued the trend and ripped a quick shot to the top left corner.

Dawson were able to continue their strong play, winning another faceoff and controlling the ball in their opponent’s zone. As the Blues continued to pass the ball around the opposing goal, it was Jason De Graff who was able to march through four Brébeuf defensemen and bounce the ball into the net, putting the Blues up by a score of 2-1.

Sadly this is when things began to go south for the Blues. Brébeuf were able to regroup and scored four unanswered goals to close out the first quarter 5-2.

Dawson’s struggle continued as Brébeuf continuously used off-ball picks and quick cuts to generate offense and score goals.

The officiating was rather questionable in the second quarter with a number of missed calls on Brébeuf led to goals being scored on the Blues. A number of cross-checks, offsides and even equipment violations were completely overlooked.

Dawson wasn’t able to bounce back from this continuously missing ground balls and ending the half down by seven goals.

The second half did a fair much better for the Blues as Brébeuf continued to score from all angles due to miscommunication and lazy play from some of the defenders. Bordeaux was still the highlight of the game for the Blues stopping as many shots as humanly possible.

Brébeuf was even able to score shorthanded, and it was clear at this point that the Blues were lacking confidence and were mentally as well as physically tired.

The Blues were finally able to generate some offense in the fourth quarter, but only after Brébeuf had made the score 15-2. The Blues began to look like the same team that started the game, making accurate fast passes around the net and taking their time making sure they got into the best position before shooting.

Karl Lalonde was able to score for the Blues as well as Eric Anderson, who scooped up a loose ball and shoveled it into Brébeuf’s goal. Near the end of the game a small fight broke out between Antoine Marchand of the Blues and one of the Brébeuf players.

“He just started chirping at me after I laid a hit on him. What kind of guy starts talking trash when his team is up by 11 goals?” Marchand said after the game.

Chabonneau was able to add another goal, but it was clear the Blues were not coming back as time expired and Brébeuf won by a score of 16-5.
“We were able to stay out of the penalty box, which was an improvement over the game against John Abbott,” head coach Dan Brouillette said.

“The guys just had very little communication today and that’s why we kept getting beat on defense,” added assistant coach Kyle Peterdy.

“We tend to start off well but can’t keep our play up and generate scoring runs, and then the guys start to lose confidence in their play,” Brouillette said.

The entire team as well as the coaches agreed that goalkeeper Brandon Bordeaux was the best player for the Blues that morning.
“Brandon played like a boss and made some great saves. We really owe him, not just for this game, but the entire season,” defenseman Daniel Goldsbrough said.

The Blues play their next game this Saturday in a rematch against the John Abbott Islanders at Loyola Lacrosse field.


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