Officially interCEGEP

Dawson and Marianopolis unite for theatre

By Maya Malkin

Dawson’s newest club, The InterCEGEP Theatre Club has just been approved by the DSU, and is looking for students interested in bilingual theatre.

Adam Morris and Rebecca Gibian, the Dawson co-founders of the club want to give cegep students a taste of the professional world of acting. “This all started, because originally my sister had the idea to put on a bilingual Romeo and Juliette,” Gibian said. “So we created our own theatre company this summer [Goodbye Grisby] and we wanted to continue and expand it throughout the school year.”

The name of their company, Goodbye Grisby comes from the play The Importance of Being Ernest, which was the first performance they put on with the troupe.
In hopes of continuing to pursue the theatre company while they handled school, they decided to create their own club.

“What separates us from other theatre clubs is that we will be working with another Cegep, entirely student run, bilingual, and will have a real audition process where not every student gets a role,” Gibian said. “The point is to create a club that isn’t just in Cegep, but a company for Cegep students,” Morris added.

Another purpose to the club is to highlight and remove the animosity between Marianopolis and Dawson. Rachel Gibian is the president of the Marianopolis club.

“It wouldn’t clash with the Dawson Theatre Club (DTC),” Morris said. “People could be a part of both clubs, the play will be preformed in the winter break, and most rehearsals would be then, as well, with a few [productions] here and there within the first semester.”
The selected play will be one with a fairly large cast.

The club members that do not get a part have the option to be in the crew and help out with publicity, set, and costumes.


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