Life through a red and blue looking glass

The Plant’s resident Super Happy Crazy Fun Editor expresses her feelings towards today’s “new” 3D technology

By: Ashley Couillard

What’s up with 3D movies anyways? I mean, it was awesome when it first came out. We got to wear those cheap cardboard, funny looking, two colour glasses. One side was red and the other was blue yet somehow there was always a problem with those glasses. Either they wouldn’t fit your head or they’d rip before the movie or one eye was smudgy. Nonetheless, it was always fun to go see a 3D movie because they were so rare.

I bet you guys can all remember when the movie Spy Kids 3D came out. It was a hit, all the kids wanted to see it because it was new to us. We were all fascinated by it. To have things come so close to you and we’d try to reach for them, it was always fun.

Nowadays, when you go see a 3D movie, a lot has improved. The glasses are actually durable and recyclable. I’ll give them credit for that because I’ve seen a lot people take the glasses home just because they look cool. I’ve even seen some girls take the glasses home, take pictures of themselves with them and post it on Facebook. Can you believe it? But the only problem now is that everything is 3D; Avatar, Shrek Forever After, Piranha, Step Up 3D, Toy Story 3, The Last Airbender, just to name a few. Moviemakers out there are now trying to create their movie in the 3D aspect.

People say it’s the “cool” thing to do in the movie industry. It may have been the new hit a few years ago, but now it’s getting so old and boring. Also, some movies just don’t need to be 3D AT ALL. Like c’mon, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for instance. All the previous HP movies aren’t in 3D, so why on earth would you put the last one in 3D? It just doesn’t make sense. There is absolutely no need for it. Harry Potter is a traditional movie and it should be kept the way it always has been; 2D. The first six movies were just as effective without 3D. It doesn’t change the emotion or the writing of the movie, all it does is make you duck in the theatre or grab something that isn’t there.

Oh yah! I can’t forget the super duper awesome new 3D TVs! Oh no, what will we ever do without those TVs? Why did they come out with a 3D TV? Is it really that important? Does everything we watch now have to be 3D? Honestly people. Can you come up with some better creation than making everything 3D! I defiantly don’t intend on spending my money on one of those TVs. I find them completely useless. I don’t want to always have to wear glasses when I want to watch my shows. I also don’t need things popping out at me every three seconds.

I mean don’t get me wrong. I love to watch movies in 3D, but now there’s way too many out there and 90% of the time the movies that are 3D don’t need to be 3D. So what’s next? Are movies going to become holographs? Or maybe the actors will perform right in front of out eyes, wouldn’t that be wicked?


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