Letter from the Editor

Salutations Populace of Dawson,

On September 10th, 2010, a former student called James Risdon wrote a comment in the Feedback section of the website expressing his poor opinion of the school newspaper. Saying it is “revolting” and “it’s certainly enough to make an alumni like me want to disassociate himself from Dawson College as much as possible.” To that I say, well…you’re allowed you’re opinion, I guess. However, I will have to respectfully disagree with your sentiment. I hate to say it buddy, but many teenagers are revolting. If you think for an instant that in your youth you were not perceived by the older generations as revolting, you are probably mistaken. Our newspaper, The Plant, is a mere reflection of the youth in today’s society. We say rude and crude things; we enjoy fart jokes; and we certainly pride ourselves on these matters. I bet that your generation did, too. If The Plant of your day did not reflect that sentiment as openly as we do today, well, it is just because the rules were stricter in those days. It is as if you are just realising that the younger generations are twisted; and it makes me wonder why you seem to have forgotten your youth so soon.

On another note, I see that you only mention the Voices section, which is there specifically to cater to our “dirty” side. The rest of The Plant is more than just penises and vaginas; it contains a wide range of diverse articles, covering sports, art, politics, international affairs, and all the other things we care about when we are not making fart jokes.

You state that you want to disassociate yourself from the school just because of its newspaper. The first thing that pops in my mind is, if something so insignificant effects your views of Dawson, then your CEGEP experience could not have been that great. The second thing that pops in my mind is the fact that you are blowing this WAY out of proportion with your comments. It’s like saying: I want to be disassociated from Canada because I don’t like how Harper’s Conservative government is running our country. I might not like it, but I would never say that I don’t want to be called Canadian. No, the proper thing to do is complain about it, and come election time, I’m going to do something about it. So if you TRULY hate the Plant and some of its vulgar views of the world, then why don’t you do something about it? Start a petition, get in touch with the Board of Governors, meet with the DSU, picket in front of the college at rush hour, but do something. Don’t just sit at your computer and tell the world that you want to be disassociated with your former school.

Stay Classy Dawson…Word to your mothers!

Samuel Lavigne Schmidt


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