Eyes on the DSU

The DSU held a meeting discussing the upcoming Halloween party as well as several other student affairs topics

By: Beatrice Broderick-Auger

The Dawson Student Union (DSU) meeting took place last Monday where the executives discussed the upcoming Halloween party, the Long Gun Registry and other student affairs.

Ariel Charney, DSU Chairperson was not present at the meeting, she was attending The Board of Governors.

Several of the executives met up with the organizers for the Halloween party. The organizers have approached Dawson among other CEGEPs and universities, such as Lasalle, McGill and Concordia to take part in an extravagant party. This event is beneficial to Dawson not only on a social aspect but also on a monetary one; half the ticket cost would end up in Dawson funds.

Last Wednesday Michael Lessard, Shannon Gittens, and Mathieu Murphy-Perron attended the rally on Parliament Hill regarding the Long Gun Registry. Thirty-five other students attended and 20 allies from the Ottawa Student Association joined them on the hill. “It was a beautiful rally, with a lot of media attention,” Mathieu Murphy-Perron, DSU Executive Director said.

They continued the meeting by discussing the vegetarian lunches, they have added new volunteers to the team.

Furthermore, Madison McLeod, DSU President is working on the new logo that will be featured on the flyers  aiming to publicize the part time student campaign.

Also, Nadia Kanji assisted the Teacher Union meeting and the DSU has decided to be part of the organizing team for the activities taking place between Oct. 12 and17. The Teacher Union has approached the DSU for their help in organizing games relative to increase public awareness on various issues, such as the World Womens March.

The meeting came to an end with Jillian Ward who is looking to set up a campaign for more bike racks on campus, since many where taken down during the restoration of the statue.


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