Dawson’s Finest

By Maya Malkin

Lately I’ve been noticing the guys who sit alone on the benches in the hallways. They look so sad! Why are you sitting alone listening to your iPod? Where are your friends? It made me feel bad… so I sat with one.
I saw a sad looking boy sitting on a bench and I wanted to know why.

 Turns out he was on a two-hour break and waiting for his next class… (I was hoping for something more exciting). I talked to him for a little bit and he turned out to be a creep. I saw him in the hallway later and he followed me. I understand why he was sitting alone now.
Another thing I’ve been noticing are the many Justin Bieber look a likes that go to this school. Girls and guys all over Dawson have the Bieber swoop. There are at least two guys I’ve seen this week who look IDENTICAL to the little singer.

I can’t say I understand the look. It’s almost like the hair was glued there, or someone smothered them, or there was a giant fan pointed at the back of their head and the hair just stuck like that. You can tell how much they cherish their Bieber hair too, always touching it and doing hair flips. I should start a club that runs around the school with razors and attacks all the Biebers. It doesn’t actually make me that angry… but I still want to run around with razors.

Also, I was walking into Dawson today from the Atwater metro and I counted 18 guys wearing the American Apparel hoodie. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it was just a compliment to the shirt underneath it but no, these guys were wearing the hoodie SOLELY as their outfit… with pants too. Which is another fashion Bieber contributes to. A little originality here boys! You can do better than that (and better than Bieber).


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