Close call for the Blues

Dawson narrowly beat the Champlain Cavaliers in Friday doubleheader

By Jamie Floyd

The AAA Women’s soccer team were able to maintain a one-point lead over the Champlain Cavaliers during a home game last Friday at the Soccerplexe in Lachine.

“We didn’t do very well, it was one of our weakest games,” head coach Alex Salvoni said.

Despite an apparent lack of focus and organization from the Lady Blues, they were still able to score a goal early on during the first half due to the Cavaliers short goal kick, which gave Dawson forward Melissa St-Onge the opportunity to take the ball away and score the game’s only goal.

The first half consisted of much back and forth from the two teams, with both holding equal possession of the ball. Dawson had the most opportunities at scoring but was unable as were the Cavaliers.

Overall, there was an obvious unawareness and absentmindedness, which plagued the entire first half as many open shots were missed and the girls weren’t ever first on the ball when attempting a goal.
“Our strategy for next game is to stay more organised as a team, try and stay more on the ball and play like how we know how to play,” right defender Alyssa Ruscio said.

The second half showcased more energy from both teams as the Cavaliers upped their defence and aggressiveness, which forced Dawson to do the same. However, shots were still missed including an open headshot by Dawson and a few unfocused shots by the opponents.

As the game drew to a close, the rain intensified which maybe distracted the players as Champlain was unable to strike their foul shot and overall had less chances of scoring. Also, the Lady Blues defender Jeannie Coai received a yellow card for bad mouthing the referee after being called for a foul.

As the final minutes of the game unfolded, it was clear that Dawson would take the win, despite Champlain’s valiant efforts.

Despite it not being their best game, the Lady Blues did maintain a constant defensive line throughout the match and did manage for the majority of the game to keep the Cavaliers on their offensive side. This was partially due to midfielder Elizabeth McDonald who did a great job at keeping the ball away from their net.

“Our goal for next game is to win, stay together, stop the other team from scoring and work as a team,” McDonald said.

This turned out to indeed be true as the girls won their game last Sunday 2-1 against Sainte-Foy.

The girls’ next game is against John Abbott this Friday at the Soccerplexe Catalogna.


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