Cavaliers take down Dawson

Blues lose a close game against Champlain last friday

By Dahlia Belinsky

Dawson’s Men’s AAA Soccer team played their fourth game of the season on Friday against the Champlain Cavaliers and lost by a score of 4-2.
“WIth two injuries and two red cards from the last game, we were already down four starters,” assistant coach Anthony Cornelli explained. Both coaches admit that they weren’t expecting an easy game but, “we were not at all expecting to concede four goals, nor were we expecting to lose this game at home,” head coach Marco Masurci said.

The game began badly for Dawson, when Champlain took advantage of a corner kick and scored within the first ten minutes of the game. The ball remained on Dawson’s end for a large part of the first half due to Champlain’s ability to clear the ball effectively.
Dawson had a chance to score with a corner kick, but they were unsuccessful. When the Blues were however given another chance, they took advantage of it and Falbo Salvatore tied the game 25 minutes in.

Throughout the game, there were many uncalled fouls for both Champlain and Dawson, but it was easy to see that Champlain was much more aggressive as many Dawson players were tripped, grabbed, and pulled. More than once the referee warned Champlain players that they would be given a yellow card.

Throughout the game Dawson was able to get the ball into Champlain’s end, but the Cavaliers ended up clearing it to no one, which was frustrating for both teams.

With the game tied, Dawson’s intensity began to rise when Eduardo Mazzona had two very close scoring opportunities towards the end of the first half.
After several fouls Champlain was finally given a yellow card, however the Blues were unable to take advantage of the ensuing free kick.

Unfortunately Champlain was able to capitalize on their set plays scoring off a free kick and then carrying that momentum down the field for a second goal making the score 3-1 in their favour.

“[The Blues] are playing well, but not getting good chances.” Karina Cisti Captain of the women’s AAA soccer team said.

Dawson was a lot hungrier in the second half and Joseph Brunetta proved Dawson’s intensity as he quickly scored closing the gap to one goal.

Brunetta continued to play well until he collided with a Champlain player as they both went up for the ball. Brunetta sat the rest of the game out and was replaced by Luca Yalsorda.

The Blues were able to generate multiple chances as they had two shots on goal one right after the other  from Edward Ahtwi and  Marc Palaci respectively.
With five minutes left to the match the Blues were awarded a free kick and a chance to tie the game. Sadly the free kick went straight into the Champlain wall and it was cleared all the way down the field. It became a race between the Blues keeper and Champlain’s striker. The Blues keeper just missed the ball and  Champlain slid the ball passed finishing the game with a 4-2 win.

“We need to be a little bit more committed to defending as a team and be more committed to play the game with a constant intensity and concentration. We must have less ups and downs and more consistency,” Masurci said.

This is Dawson’s first loss of the season and they have gone from “first place to third or fourth place,” said Cornelli, “We need just need to keep our heads up and get the points back.”

“I have full confidence in my boys, and in a month’s time, we will be the most prepared team in the league, for when it matters most,” Masurci added.

The Blues’ next home game will Oct 1 at the Soccerplexe Catalogna against the John Abbott Islanders.


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