Bring in the laughter at Conrod’s!

Daniel Tirado and Eman liven up monday morning for Dawson Students

By Dahlia Belinsky

Do you hate when people mix up your nationality?

That’s cause you’re a racist.

What happens in Cancun, stays on your vagina.

Daniel Tirado, a latino comedian, whipped out multiple hilarity ensuing one-liners such as these aformentioned ones during his comedy act on Monday in Conrod’s.

Preceding Tirado, Eman, a Muslim comedian, opened the show and got the crowd warmed up. She covered a variety of topics that made the entire audience roar with laughter. She also began with discussing how men holler at women in the streets in an attempt to hook up with them and if it actually ever works.

“The guys yell ‘why don’t you come here and suck on this?’ will the girl ever respond with ‘oh my god! Me?!'”

Her humour was crude at times and often sex related, but it was very effective as the crowd was never silent. They were always enthusiastic, and responsive.

She ended her routine by jokingly refering to her muslim heritage. “The most powerful word in the Arab language is hummus. Hummus is the new mayo, white people love it,” said Eman.

She then handed the microphone over to Tirado who began with a bang.
He started by describing how the weather on the latin television networks resembles porn and performed a show for the audience where he grabbed his man parts and rubbed himself for a solid two minutes.

He continued his physical and aggressive style of humour throughout the show and the audience was extremely pleased with it. He used his body in his comedy as he humped the wall to described latin music videos.

Tirado constantly interacted with the audience and made numerous references to Montreal that were topical and appealing to Dawson students. “Anyone here takes the metro?” asked Tirado, and the  entire crowd raised their hands. “What’s up poor people!” was his responce.

Being born in Montreal, he was able to make relatable comments on the city. “What’s the park on Sherbrooke with all the crackheads… Girouard!” he said. These small joking insults captivated the audience’s attention and kept smiles on their faces.

His abrasive humour constantly kept the crowd laughing. “I loved it. His jokes, when it came to teasing the audience, were really funny,” Gayany Kandasamy first semester Pure and Applied said. “I would pay to see him again.”

Overall the show was a huge success and there was a great turnout and never a moment of silence. Both comedians brought the audience into the show and they kept everything very topical and relative to the Dawson population. “It’s always a good vibe at Dawson, I like it here,” said Tirado.

Tirado has been on Just for Laughs and will be in the film “Let the Game Begin” which is being released in 2010. To find out more about Tirado’s and Eman’s upcoming, shows visit: and


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