Breaking News

By: Anna Frey

According to the New York Times, The Obama administration is attempting to make it easier for law enforcement officials to perform online wiretaps. These new regulations would make it easier for officials to sift through private information contained on BlackBerrys and emails without the permission or knowledge of the owner.


Commonwealth Games officials in India are rushing to finish the athlete’s accomodations. Representatives from participating countries are already arriving at the grounds to find unfinished rooms. The Games start on Oct. 3.


Kim Jong-il has recently promoted his youngest son, Kim Jong-un, to the position of General. Rumours have been circulating that Jong-il will be appointed as his father’s succerssor.


An oil spill in the St. Lawrence Seaway is being contained by Montreal officials. The spill is located at the East End of the city. The spill is estimated to be two and a half kilometres at length. 


A constitutional challenge by a dominatrix in Toronto and two prostitutes has earned prostitutes more rights and safety provisions. 


Union members are striking across Europe, demanding more jobs and stronger efforts for growth. The strikes were organised by the European Trade Confederation Union. 


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